Randy Coulman

I’m Randy and I am a software developer with over 25 years’ experience in crafting great software as part of various teams and as a business owner.

I currently work for a stellar consulting company called Zeal where I’m known by my super-hero name, Refactron. It’s a great place to work, and they have been instrumental in developing my table tennis skills. Oh, and Ruby, JavaScript, and Swift too!

These days I work primarily in JavaScript and Ruby, with a little Smalltalk, Swift, and C++ on the side. I’ve been known to dabble a little in Java, primarily to build plugins for both Jenkins and CruiseControl, and spent some of my early career with Common Lisp. With a career that’s been this many decades in the making I also have a few regrets, although my therapist says I’m recovering nicely from the years I spent with VB6.

I am an ex-pat Canadian currently living and working in beautiful Southern Oregon. I’m also a husband, father, cyclist, tennis player, drummer, and coordinator for local Financial Peace University classes through my church.

That being said, I am still a classic introvert but generally play well with others. You can find me at conferences (I post speaking appearances on my blog), code retreats, and geek hangouts. But if I’m not there, I’m usually sequestered in my happy place, an office at home with my drum kit, no windows (but a great solar tube) and lots of whiteboards.

If you want proof that I play well with others, check out some of the projects that I’ve created, contributed to, or maintain.

Thanks for stopping by the site! My blog, Courageous Software, is a great place to catch up on my latest projects and ideas. You can find me on Twitter or GitHub, or feel free to email me at randy (at this domain).