Randy Coulman

I’m a software developer and technical lead with over 30 years of experience in delivering high-quality, sustainable software while inspiring others to do the same.

I’m currently looking for my next opportunity as a Staff/Principal/Lead Software Engineer.

I’ve been a Founding Software Engineer at Sequin, a Staff Software Engineer and Technical Lead on the Account & Identity Management team at InfluxData, a Senior Software Engineer/Consultant at Zeal and a Principal Software Engineer at Key Technology.

I am an ex-pat Canadian living and working in beautiful Southern Oregon. I’m also a husband, father of three, grandfather of two, kayaker, cyclist, and drummer. I’ve also been a church deacon and interim chairman of a church board, as well as a coordinator for local Financial Peace University classes.

I am a classic introvert but generally play well with others. You can occasionally find me at conferences (I post speaking appearances on my blog), code retreats, and meetups. But if I’m not there, I’m usually hanging out in my happy place: an office at home with my drum kit, no windows (but a great solar tube), and a good-size whiteboard.

Feel free to get in touch.