After a really enjoyable year at Sequin, I’m once again looking for a new opportunity.

Sequin recently decided that they need to transition from 100% remote to 100% in-person based in San Francisco. That’s just not a move I can make at this time.

While I’m disappointed to no longer be working there, I’m really grateful for the time I had, and the great team I got to work with. We built some cool stuff, and I was able to be involved in more facets of the business than I ever have before. All in all, it was was a wonderful learning experience.

Last year when I was in a similar position, I posted a list of what I was looking for. Sequin ticked most of those boxes. I find that my priorities remain largely the same, so I’ll reproduce that list here with an addition and some minor edits:

  • I do my best work when I’m making life better for other people. That can involve building systems that help people do their jobs more effectively, refactoring to make a codebase easier to work in, mentoring and teaching others, or bridging gaps to resolve conflicts between teams and individuals. Work like this is my “happy place”.

  • I want to stay on the technical side. I don’t necessarily need to have my hands on the code all day every day, but I still enjoy programming. I’m not interested in moving into management.

  • I’d prefer to have a technical leadership role. I believe everyone can lead from wherever they are (and I do that), but I’ve also found that having the title matters sometimes.

  • I’d love to work somewhere that is all-in on Elixir and the BEAM (Erlang virtual machine), or is moving that direction. While I’m open to other technology stacks, I’ve been really enjoying working in Elixir and would love to be able to continue to take advantage of what it offers.

  • I’m not focused on any single industry or business domain, but I want to work on things that are designed to serve people and not enslave them.

  • I prefer to work remotely. I’m open to some light travel for in-person meetings/work.

If you know of any opportunities that match these criteria, please get in touch. You can find more details about my work on my LinkedIn profile.