Every morning at our team’s standup meeting, we have a section called “Interestings”. This is where anyone on the team can share interesting work-related articles, videos, podcast episodes, etc.

As I’ve mentioned before, I use Pocket to save articles and videos to consume later. I have an interestings tag that I use to mark items to share at standup.

Because I consume a lot of material, I tend to dominate this part of our standup. It’s gotten to the point that my team has occasionally rebranded our “Interestings” section to “What’s in Randy’s Pocket?”.

Recently, Pocket came out with a new recommendations feature. Pocket users can saved items. Other Pocket users can follow them to see those recommended items.

While I’m not generally a big fan of social sharing features in apps, I decided to try out this new feature of Pocket. So if you, too, are curious about What’s in Randy’s Pocket, you can find out by following my Pocket recommendations at https://getpocket.com/@rcoulman.