I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at LoneStarRuby on August 15. I’ll be presenting “Shall We Play a Game?”, which is an updated version of the “Solving Ricochet Robots” talk I gave at Mountain West Ruby Conference earlier this year. I’ll be talking about how we program computers to play games and why that’s important. I’ll then illustrate by walking through a solver I’ve written for the Ricochet Robots board game.

I was excited to see that LoneStarRuby was back this year after a hiatus, and I’m honored to be able to speak there.

I’ll be sharing the stage with some wonderful speakers. There are keynotes by three people I can’t wait to meet: Saron Yitbarek, Dave Thomas, and Avdi Grimm. Each of these people have improved my life with their work, and I’m looking forward to being able to thank them personally for that.

I hope to see you at LoneStarRuby this year. Please come up and say, “Hi!” I’d love to meet you.