Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking at Mountain West Ruby Conference again. I spoke about writing a solver program for the Ricochet Robots board game described in this earlier post.

As always, this was a great conference. The speakers are excellent and there is always something interesting to talk about. Mike Moore and team do a great job. I’d like to thank them for all of their hard work and for inviting me to speak.

Thanks to all who commented on my talk or came up and talked to me. The best part about speaking is getting to meet new people afterwards.

The slides for my talk are up on SpeakerDeck. The code for the solver is on GitHub. The video will be up on Confreaks in a few weeks; I’ll post it here once it’s available. There were some audio issues at the beginning of my talk, so hopefully they’re able to salvage something usable out of it.

If you saw the talk and want to give me some feedback, I’ve listed it on SpeakerRate. Anything constructive that will help me improve as a speaker is more than welcome.