Cincom’s Visualworks Smalltalk 8.0 has been released. While I’m part of the developer program, I hadn’t had a chance to ensure that all of my open source tools still work in the new version until just recently.

In my limited testing, I found that almost all of the tools worked just fine. There was one exception.

SUnitTools-AutoTest-UI raised an error when trying to open the window. VisualComponent defines a family of methods: #preferredBounds, #preferredExtent, #preferredHeight, and #preferredWidth. In 7.10.1 and earlier, #preferredBounds was marked as a subclass responsibility and the other methods were implemented in terms of it.

In 8.0, that changed. Now #preferredExtent is the subclass responsibility method and everything else is implemented in terms of it instead.

SUnitTools-AutoTest-UI has two views that implement #preferredBounds. I modified them to implement both #preferredBounds and #preferredExtent so that they would continue to work in both older and newer versions of Visualworks.

Note that I didn’t see anything about this change in the release notes, or even the list of fixed ARs. You might want to check your own code for implementers of #preferredBounds.

If you use SUnitTools-AutoTest-UI, please load the latest version (4 as of this writing) from the public Store repository.

If you notice problems with any of my other tools on VW 8.0, please let me know.