Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking at Mountain West Ruby Conference 2014. I spoke on Affordances in Programming Languages.

As usual, it was a great conference. All of the talks were very good, and there were lots of interesting people to talk to. Thanks to the organizers for all of their hard work.

I was pretty happy with how my talk went, and I received a lot of encouraging feedback. Thanks to all who commented or spoke with me.

The slides for my talk are up on Slideshare. The code from my examples is on GitHub. The video will be up on Confreaks in a few weeks. I’ll post here again with a link.

If you’re interested in a deeper dive, I wrote a series about this topic on this blog about a year ago.

If you’ve seen the talk and want to give me some feedback, I’ve listed it on SpeakerRate. Anything constructive that will help me improve as a speaker is very welcome.

Again, thanks to all who came to my talk or listened on the live stream, thanks for the feedback, and thanks to the organizers for allowing me to speak. I consider it an honor.