I am Randy Coulman. I’ll skip the bio, but if you’re interested, you can read it on my home page.

Why Courageous Software?

I’ll write about software development here. Topics will include handy programming tricks and techniques, OO design, test-driven development, etc.

I’ll have some language-specific posts, generally about my primary development languages: Smalltalk, Ruby, and C++.

As I learn new things, I’ll write about those as well.

I’ll sometimes even write about the people side of software development (ewww! the dreaded soft skills).

I have an older Smalltalk-focused blog, RC Smalltalk that is still online, but I don’t intend to post there any more. Any Smalltalk-related content that I might have written there will show up here instead.

My plan is to post new content approximately 3 or 4 times a month. There will likely be some ebb and flow as work and family needs come and go.

I’ve been debating about whether or not to have comments on this blog. I’ve read arguments both ways and I’m torn. For now, I’ve decided that I value the feedback and interaction that comments provide, and so I’ve enabled them using Disqus.